Why Buy An Ez-Vex Sharpening System

Over the years, I’ve owned several business, mostly in the hospitality field, but as a young man, I began working with my Father, in the grocery business, as he managed several, what might now be called ‘botique’ or gourmet grocery stores. And, along the way, in addition to bagging & delivering groceries, I learned how to butcher and sharpen knives, on an ‘old skool’ tri-oil stone device.

I kept my own personal knives sharp, using a variety of stones & devices, but never using any real professional systems. And I sharpened some for friends and family. Even some hair stylist friends of mine asked me to sharpen their shears…but I soon learned, shears sharpening is a whole ‘nother field…

So, after selling my last pizza operation, I really wasn’t ready to nor able to completely retire, and after a recent divorce…lol…I thought about sharpening knives as a new source of income

Not sure when this photo was taken, but was renamed Market Basket by new owners after my Father chose not to buy it.